Hey there! 2017 was good, 2018 is awesome but first , Reflections 101 I know its already the 10th day of the new year, and as expected a new post should have been up before now. But who’s scoring the points though?  The way the days are flying bye, one would think 2018 has more days than 2017, but then its still the same 365 days that will go by in a matter of 8760 hours. With so much ado about the new year, the resolutions, to-do lists, the internet is going bonkers with all manner of information. Now before i overwhelm myself with allRead More →

Whats up guys! Happy New Year! I have actually been waiting for 2017 since July last year…yea… july “last year”. Okay ..for a moment that sounded like it was not correct. I paused to make sure i was saying the right thing. I really cant wait to see what this year holds for us, as individuals and as a nation. I am really looking forward to a #betternaija. So yes! Last year was the most exciting and also most challenging year of my life but i came out stronger than in the beginning. I went into 2016 more worried than excited but some how theRead More →