The Blue Sky Tag

Hello friends, Happy Easter weekend, Are you excited? I am excited!
This is a fun post, i really like all this tag posts and i get to do another one again. I was tagged by Ore of NextDoorChic and i decided to have fun with this. You should check out her blog! Lots of cool stuff!! Thanks Ore for the tag!
•Give 11 questions.
•Tag 11 people.
•Answer the 11 questions given to you.
•Thank the person who tagged you.
blue sky tag
What is your favourite movie of all time? I really don’t have favourite movies. weird? No
Ribena or 5alive? Ribena
What is your biggest fear? Used to be dying without fulfilling my purpose but now i say that everyday you are alive a chance to live the life of purpose you have been called to. 
When is your birthday? 12th December 198x. Calculate for x?
Do you believe in true love? Yes i do
Singing or dancing? I love to sing but better at dancing
Whatsapp stories or Instagram stories? Can i say none? Maybe Instastories because of the cool people on my timeline
Favourite food? Cereal and small chops..lmaoo
One thing you cant do without?  Used to be sleep but i betrayed it. Adulting took a better part of me and now the blog!
When did you start blogging?  December 22 2016
blue sky tag3
Pls just answer the same questions i answered
Joan of TheCurlyChristianGirl
Ifeoma of Whowhatfab
Jessica of JessicaHugoInspire
Kemi of Skylish
Alma of TheAlmachronicles
Junaisha of TheGodlyChicDairies
Cheechee of
Suzie Marie of FromTheFringe
Amaka of Amakamedia
Okay there you have it! How are you preparing for easter? It’s very low key on my end. I plan to sleep so more, i hope i can. Boring me right? I will try to get up to something and if i do i will share on here. Alright see y’all pretty soon

If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you – Romans 8:11



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  1. Favourite food
    …Cereal and small chops 😂😂😂😂… I concur!!! Thank you for the tag! Post loading 🙌

    1. Author

      Oh yes girl, I really love cereal and all things snacks . Can’t help it!😃I still manage to stay healthy though. Looking forward to reading yours

    1. Author

      Happy Easter to you too. Small chops for life😂😂🙋

  2. Thanks for the tag Ije, I didn’t see dis post in time awwwhhh… been pretty busy lately but thanks.
    Ur answers r quite fun & interesting.

    1. Author

      My dear, i totally understand. Looking forward to yours! Happy Easter

    1. Author

      Lmao….thank God i am not alone on this small chop business. Make sure you take some for the road too. hehe!!
      Thanks for stopping over dear!

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