There comes a time

There comes a time

There comes a time;

One wants to say a thing

One wants to do whatever it is

One prays and hopes for opportunity

One hopes for and sees the right features

One prays to have one person most desired around with a “Never letting go time”; to confess and profess to

There comes a time;

One wants to be with the one person and then all others with whom to travel the great heights and get over the top with

One prays that all hoped for desires will just emerge, but it does only 99% leaving, 1%

One wishes for a fertile ground to birth and express an intuition

One waits for the perfect time to do what is necessary

One wishes that the time is now

And when these do come noticeably, you lack the ability to make things happen. So Now what do you really want?

We must come to understand that there is no perfect time.

There comes a time you will be as those, awaiting the conversion of the Jews

Written by Mary Onyebueke

What is you time saying?

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  1. I’m reading a great article/book called ‘On the shortness of life’. Ironically, given to me on my birthday but it talks about this same topic more or less… The perfect time is now!

    1. Author

      Hmmmm….thats a good coincidence. The time we have is now. Thanks for the support dear.

  2. Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow’s not promised, make the most of today. Now.
    Thanks for sharing Ij.

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