Happy New weeek!

How are you my lovely readers?

I am sorry for being away to long these days, i want to be here more often, i have you all in my mind all the time and the need to do well by you guys makes me want to be better and i am loving it.

Its been a pretty tough year and i cant even complain. I can only be grateful. Many times i’ve felt like all the positivity and struggle to become is all a fluke but the truth is everyday we are alive is a gift to be used to the fullest. There is no time to be sitting around and being average.

I’ve lost some fighters to death, i’ve asked a lot of why(s), I’ve blamed myself for some of my misfortune, other times i’ve thought life was just being unfair. I’ve had to come to terms with the harsh reality of death. We make life plans but no where in the equation of our life does death fit in. It comes when it comes and thats the end. Yet, we must live everyday expectant and pushing through, to live out our dreams.

Just when I’m about to go off on a tangent, i realize that despite the changing times and seasons of life, my most trusted connection has not changed. God is still God, once he wills it, there will be a way. I want to be more but when i am not there yet all i can be is grateful – no complains

GRATEFULI am grateful for:

THE OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE AND CHASE MY DREAMS : Its only people that are alive that can dream, set goals and get goals. I am grateful for such a priceless priviledge. Some people have lost their lives in the process and to still be in the race is something i won’t take simply. In the midst of all the struggle to survive and become somebody you are proud of, don’t forget to acknowledge the ultimate provider and make your way right with Him all day everyday. Good health begets sound mind and a sound mind can only make sound decisions.

GREAT FRIENDS: I am talking of those ones you don’t see often or speak with often but you just know they are there. They remember you in there prayers and that enough remembrance. The kind of friends that listen to you without judging. Their success is my success and my challenges are their prayer point. I am not the type that has too many friends and so when i meet people that are genuine we just connect and it is so timely that i just know that it was meant to be.

WONDERFUL FAMILY: If you have met people who are under certain pressures from family, you will understand what it means to have a family that understands. For a long time now especially this year , i have felt the need to be more for my family, parents and siblings. I have constantly pressured myself to be more for them but there is only so much i can do for now. I also know that i am not where i used to be and i wouldn’t have come this far in one peace if it were not for their support and understanding. The sacrifices they have made is enormous.

THE THINGS I NO LONGER HAVE TO PRAY FOR: You know those things people are fasting and praying for to come their way? Those things i now wake up to, not because i prayed the most but because God willed it. As much as there are so many things i am grateful for that this post will not be enough to say it all in plain words, these are the ones that i have struck off my prayer point list (e.g fruit of the womb), meanwhile i see what people are going through these days in search of these blessings that came to me on a platter. What a relief!

Its easy to get carried away by the things that are going wrong in our lives that we forget to take a moment to say thank you. Thank God for his finger and he will show you his hands. In the course of the week, don’t forget to seize every opportunity to say Thank You to him – the one who knows about all that you need, the one who knows about all your sleepless nights, the Mr FIX IT!

Stay Blessed!


 Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. – 1 Thessalonians 5:18


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  1. A lovely post, Ijeoma. In this difficult world it is easy to forget to feel and be grateful for our situations and blessings. I always aim to be grateful and give thanks, because quite frankly, I know things could be worse x

    1. Author

      Oh yes my dear, things could be worst but they are not and that’s enough consolation. Let’s keep being thankful

  2. *In all things, God is still God and once He wills it, there will be a way. #word.

    1. Author

      I glad you found your way here and loved it too. 😊🙌

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