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January is gone guys wow! How has it been? I swear this adulting thing is not beans, i miss being a child seriously. Through the years, the transition from childhood to teenage to adulthood has got me thinking hard and reflecting a lot lately.

I miss the days i never had to worry about the things that keep me up late at night now. My younger brothers and sisters out there, you guys have no idea how good you have things rolling for you now as someone is busy adulting for you. You had better be laying good foundations for yourselves, i don’t want you getting here (adulthood) and being miserable……….

There are lots of  hows and whens and whats and who, that you never really get answers for. Nothing is promised really, however i know it will all come together in the end, if you keep your acts right. For those of us who are still trying to break even on a daily basis here are a few things you might want to consider :


The earlier you share your problems the better – a lot of times we try to shield ourselves from people and act like everything is okay, when it isn’t really. You don’t know who can be of help to you when its still okay to get one. Help may come later on but its hurtful when the door is shut in your face and there is nothing much to be done at that point. Nothing hurts like finding that you could have savaged the situation earlier had you reached out for help before you sank in too deep.


Your success is not tied to anyone, at some point you will have to stand alone – what if you don’t get any form of help even when you have reached out? Be disciplined enough to know that life is a personal race. Everyone else has troubles of varying magnitude, maybe they are better at packaging than you are but it is absolutely fine. Be you and strive to Be a Better you with each passing day.


No two destinies are the same so don’t push too hard. You are better off letting go than pushing hard only to realize you have come out wrecked. Try not to envy, If you can not stand seeing others succeed while you are still trying to pick up, you might as well isolate yourself. Use the unfollow button if that will help, just as long as your mind stays free of resentment and guilt towards you.

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Read this s l o w l y – Some sacrifices will be worth more than the biggest sacrifices you think you have ever had to make. (As time passes i have realized that one sacrifice begets another. Greater sacrifices are required for greater glory. Its scary and sometimes its easy to not trust God. I am personally working on this). The choices you make now will either have good or bad outcomes but it is all for the greater good.  You can never practically see beyond the present. (Severally i have been in this place where i am asking myself, “did i make a mistake when i ……?”. Only time will tell, Just present the situation – finances, academics, career, friendships, marriage etc to God and take a decision, God does not fail anyways)


The road to greatness is very rough and you can easily be discouraged. One hurdle you overcome begets another, some times you have to step back, strategize well and jump without fear. You will save your self from landing on the wrong foot and that might end up being the farthest you can go. Stay true to the process. Shortcuts can cut your life short. Be as just as you can. Watch as your path will shine brighter and brighter unto a perfect day.

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Mistakes are costly but many of that can be avoided. Imagine walking through a dark tunnel with bumps and holes, it easier to follow behind the person in front because, you definitely know where to not step your foot into. It is the same thing with life. Take your time to find a good mentor and when you have found one conduct yourself in a good manner as a mentee. Its supposed to be a life long relationship worth the investment. I am hoping to build that relationship this year, as a part of surrounding my self with people that will push me to greater heights.

Just before i wrapped up this post, a darling sister sent me this from IG, …..soooo funny…….. but then, it is what it is. I thought i should add it here for some humor. I will not say it was a trial for me but it was not quite how i wished to start. This post was drafted two weeks ago, but i was not quite ready to post because i did not want to come here sounding like a 2year old whose candy was taken away from her. Instead i chose to focus on some other form of progress, which i talked about here. 

I was forced to take the term off school for financial reasons. Nigerian economy has done it!.. it was one of the toughest and heartbreaking decisions i have had to take. I am getting on with the rest of the year anyways

I am happy to have you all my readers with me on this journey. I appreciate all the love so far on this blog. . Please do me a favor, do not be greedy to read alone for your self, use the buttons below to share, tell a friend to tell a friend, leave your comment, i always look forward to reading them.  To stay connected and up to date, make sure you subscribe by leaving your email in the box on the side or down below


So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, I will not fear what man can do to me- Heb 13 vs 6


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