Dealing with the background noise in Everyday Life

Happy holidays guys,

The kids are at home today when they should be in school and it somewhat reminds me of the days when things were a lot different. Now a holiday like this means one of two things; you have a lot more distractions or you have a lot more time to get work done. There is always some form of background noise that if you are not intentional about what you have to do (like making sure this post is up), all of a sudden you find yourself stuck in a rut.

I first got the inspiration to make this post, in the middle of one of my Hallelujah challenge sessions, when i suddenly started getting distracted by a sound i couldn’t quite place where it was coming from. I was distracted, I got scared, then i went to check the doors where properly locked, afterwards i decided to just focus.

The noise came back but i decided to go on with the session while i tried to low-key process where the background noise was coming from – obviously it was from within the house. Later i figured it was the CD player that was left on and the CD inside was generating the noise. Once i put it off everything was back to the usual peace and quiet. Background noise can make you miss when God is actually speaking to you.

We are in the Facebook and Instagram generation and our lives have become so connected, hence other peoples lives, whether or not you choose to has the tendency to impact your quality of life. It is also possible that the background noise you are hear is generated from activities in other peoples lives. Until we learn to choose what to believe and where to turn to we will be lost in the maze of life. It is also never late to retract and re evaluate if you find yourself lost.

It is therefore imperative to know the source of the noise first then you can decide if it is something you can silence by yourself or just walk away from. Not everything the meddles with you peace of mind must that attended to. While there are those noise you are better off walking away from, there will be those you just cannot do anything about (necessary evils). Whatever be the case, your ultimate assignment must not suffer. You can help yourself by choosing to:-

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Step outside the situation 

Rough times will come and go and every time you encounter one, the idea is to come out stronger. If you dwell on it, it overwhelms you, pins you down and destroys you ultimately. Stepping outside the situation gives you the opportunity to have a birds eye view of the whole situation, something you cannot appreciate when you are tangled in the situation. You will be busy counting losses and would be loses when you can step outside for a clearer perspective of where your goal is and how best to get there.  Your fears and insecurities get the best part of you by generating a great deal of background noise. Your mind can play tricks on you and you get carried away by false intuitions and you see great ideas as impossible.

Give yourself time to think, making sure that you are not allowing sentiments to becloud your sense of reasoning. This may be the time for you to put your self in the shoes of an observer and imagine what you would say to your worrying lost self….I bet you, you will be laughing at yourself. Its like going back to the map, after you have travelled a long distance without going back to it because you thought you had mastered it at first. Your confusion only exists for as long as you stay in the confused state. If you need to, always go back to the  drawing board – where it all began.

Look within.

The truth is on your inside. Try to isolate your self from most of the noise, if not all. It is important that we spend time understanding where and who we truly are – Our passions, strengths weaknesses, dominant aspirations,ego and desires. We spend too much time these days keeping up with what is happening in people’s life – the outside world, that we hardly devote enough time keeping up with ourselves. Every time the background noise becomes too much to deal with, it is definitely time to shut the windows and be with yourself.

We must continue to seek to understand and better ourselves because our hurdles in life are meant to change us. There are a lot of things I used to be excited about years ago that have become less important not because they lost the ability to engage my interest but because i don’t see how it helps me get the work done. Going by a conviction from within we must tell ourselves the truth about the issues at hand and make wise choices. God does not shout, If we are to hear God speak, there must be no inner background noise whatsoever.

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Get a second opinion.

The go getter in you says to you “yes you are strong you can do it” but the limitations can’t let you make progress, perhaps a second opinion is what you need to seek. To your surprise, you can could channel that energy into something else and exceed your expectations. The limitation does not always mean you can’t do it, its could be that you cannot be your best whilst at it and it takes consulting someone of higher standing to help match your capabilities to the possibilities. This is always a difficult thing to do. I mean how can someone else recommend that you get a job when all you want to be is an entrepreneur. Isn’t that what everyone is doing? The thing is, you are obviously not analyzing your situation based on every possible method neither did your conclusion factor in everyone else’s experience.

Getting a second opinion takes away possible confounders. Also your sensitivity to the background noise is not the same with that of the other person. What you are hearing as noise, someone else is hearing as potential headline news. No matter how much you think you know you can never know it all, no matter how much you think you have you can never have it all. There is definitely someone else that does. Think twice and get a second opinion.

Distracted, lost, overwhelmed?

Background noise

I hope that any combination of this can help. If you cannot do anything about it, in the end you will have developed a new threshold for noises like that. What are you doing differently to deal with the background noise in your life lately?

Till my next post, inspire some one today.


I have yet many things to tell you, but you can’t bear them now. However when he, the Spirit of truth, has come, he will guide you into all truth, for he will not speak from himself – John 16 vs 12-13a

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  1. Wow. My best post yet! So much Insight. I now have some introspection to do 😅. Its so difficult to hear God when there is noise, not even external noise but more internal noise. Everything is just a blurr and its a scary place to be in. But thank God he never gives up on us and we get more than 1 chance to listen.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the nice words Joan. Truly a lot of things in our lives hold us back as much as the influences from other people. You are right about everything being just a blurr and scary. Indeed we get more than one chance to listen and just like Samuel in the scriptures it took three consultations with Eli to know it was God calling all the while.

    2. Author

      ….even when everywhere was quite, he could not process it correctly. So we will do ourselves a huge favor by keeping the noise at bay so that we are able to hear the voice that matters most and importantly that we can figure whose it is. But what’s worse is if we can’t hear it at all.

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