Career Chat : We Interview Ijeoma Jessica Ogbunamiri, Author, The Pre-Eminent Mind

I keep telling myself that, if only i started this blog a long time ago, maybe my life would be much different than it is now. Actually that is the truth because i have meet many inspiring people on this journey as well as sort more inspiration/motivation in the cause of trying to create valuable content for my readers. Interestingly, i found Jessica through her blog and the connection was organic as we shared so much in common and that made me interested in knowing more.


I am that person that finds an interesting profile on IG and immediately speeds through your entire timeline in a bid to know more about you and how much i can relate with you. This was how i met Towenna who was featured in our first career chat post. With Jessica it was different. When i found her blog I could not help but wonder why this interesting blogger did not have an Instagram account in such a time as this, where most bloggers do most of their content promotion via Instagram.

I just knew that my ears were itching to know more.  I had to activate my twitter account since she had a twitter link on her page and there i found out we had same native names. As i commented on one of her post for the day and highlighted that i just noticed we had same name we went on to joke about her reply which said  “you would have to interview me to find out more.”  I could tell she was a private person (like me) but little did she know that she had just given me permission to satisfy my curiosity.

Before i could give myself time to think of how best to do this she announced the release of her first book. In that moment i knew it was time to make this happen and i slid into her inbox with compliments and of course my real agenda.

Mum, Health Safety and Environment (HSE) personnel turned blogger and most recently author of fast selling book titled The Pre-eminent Mind
IFL: Tell us about you, the figure behind
JESSICA: My name is Jessica, Hugo is my husband’s name, that’s how the Jessica Hugo came about. My blog is basically inspirational so I went with a domain name that’ll identify me and what my blog is about.
I’m a writer, entrepreneur, wife and a mother.
IFL: I once read at your blog that you quit your office job to stay at home with your kids and start blogging. What are the details of what lead to that decision.
JESSICA: I didn’t actually just quit to stay at home to start blogging. My kind of job then was a field job (HSE personnel), where I was required to man certain field operations. We work and live there (onsite) for 28 days and have only 3days off in a month. We had a gas pipeline project going on then. It became quite challenging when I got married especially as I got pregnant almost immediately. So…
Because I’m passionate about writing, sharing my thoughts, knowledge and opinions through blogging so that became imperative.
IFL: Was it easy to deal with the new lifestyle? Did you deal with any challenges? And how did you adapt.
JESSICA: I totally enjoy being with my kids. Who wouldn’t? It wasn’t quite easy at first as I got used to the 9-5 lifestyle but the joy of nurturing your kids yourself and inculcating the best values is something to be valued. Plus being an entrepreneur and owning my own time as opposed to the other, I adapted really well.
IFL: Do you believe everyone has a certain degree of limitation in life to accept?
JESSICA: No I don’t. I think we limit ourselves. Life is choice-driven and you’re where you are now based on your decisions/choices. Whatever choice you make, be responsible for your actions and the consequences. Some choices might seem limiting for now, but if you push yourself harder, you definitely will get to your destination. Some might give you immediate upliftment too so either ways, it’s different routes to your destination IF you continue to work hard.
IFL:  At what point did you realize you can do whatever regardless of how impossible it seemed. Was there a major challenge, life event , achievement, transition you’d like to share? 

JESSICA: Impossible is nothing!!! I think we make an excuse with that often times. Whatever you set your heart to do/achieve, you can. But If you believe you can’t, you’re equally right. It’s a thing of the mind. Let me quote Ralph Waldo Emerson here ” To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”.

Why this quote you may ask? Well because the world constantly feeds us with all sorts of negative vibes. It’s difficult nowadays to even try anything before defeating yourself with not just your inner critic but with what others are saying or doing. It’s difficult to create your own track and lead your own life and decide what’s possible or not for you. So if you can do these, that’s really enormous.
For me, I’d simply say my greatest accomplishment is where I am now. It’s not the greatest yet because life is work-in-progress. All moments big or small, tiny or huge makeup who I am and who I am becoming. Most of all, realizing I have more potentials than I thought and actually impacting lives with it is quite fulfilling.
IFL: Who are the particular people that inspire you?
JESSICA: The likes of TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Sam/Nike Adeyemi have touched my life in some great ways.
IFL: About your new book, as one of the newest authors in town, as you know there are lots of motivational books out there. Firstly, why a motivational book? And what sets yours apart?
JESSICA: A motivational/inspirational book because that’s my passion and niche. Motivation psychologically impacts on our lives to do/reach for our goals and become the best we can be. It’s not enough to set goals and have the desire, we must stay on track with it. We must clarify our goals and set our priorities right. Motivation helps one through tough times and times when you feel like giving up. It fights fear and mediocrity, teaches patience/perseverance and builds confidence. If you’re motivated, then you wouldn’t give up on life. You’d go all out to strive to actualize your dreams.
My book THE PRE EMINENT MIND not only motivates like other motivational books like you said, it is very practical about supercharging your potentials and unleashing your creative assets. It is practical about having that excellent and illustrious mind you need to be your best self. You know everything is about your mindset and so you must learn to believe in yourself before anyone else can.
It’s available on here:
For download. The hard copy is almost sold-out. You need that 100% energy to impact on your life and the world positively.
IFL: How long would you say it takes to write a great book?
JESSICA: Definitely not a day!!! LOL. I really can’t say how long, it depends on the writer and the inspiration he or she has.
IFL: As a writer, how do you deal with those rushing thoughts when you’re not able to immediately capture them so they are not lost completely.
JESSICA:I almost always have my mobile device so I just hit the record button.
IFL: Any plans of going back to the corporate world in the near future?
JESSICA: I’ve thought of it but for now, I love writing and entrepreneurship.
IFL: What is the one tip you’d give to other mums that’ll apply irrespective of occupational status. 
JESSICA: That would be, finding a work-life-balance so that either aspects of your life doesn’t suffer.
IFL: If you had something to say to your young self what would that be?
JESSICA: Don’t do what most people expect. Don’t be afraid to voice a different opinion. Start early to pursue your own dreams.
IFL: If you were to be unmarried at your present age what would you be doing and what advice would you give yourself?
JESSICA: If I were to be unmarried now, I’d probably be somewhere in the corporate world or maybe still running my own business. My advice would always be, pursue your dreams!!!


IFL: What three words can you use to describe yourself?
JESSICA: Calm, optimistic, easy going.
IFL: What is the one value that centers everything about you that you cannot compromise on?
IFL: What is the one fashion item you’re most likely to splurge on?
JESSICA:That would be shoes perhaps.
IFL: How do you relax and unwind?
 JESSICA: Read/ listen to music
IFL: One last word of advice for writers, potential writers and creatives alike.
JESSICA: Just keep reading and writing. Keep up at whatever you do. The more you do, the more you better your skills.
Since i received the responses to these questions one thing i have actively applied to my life is hitting the record button on my mobile device. As much as i hate the sound of my voice, this is helping me get used to hearing myself plus work on trying to sound better. Who knows when the public speaking opportunity will come? You don’t want your dis satisfaction with the sound of your voice come between you and destiny…LOL
Dear young Girl, Don’t do what most people expect. Don’t be afraid to voice a different opinion. Start early to pursue your own dreams.- Jessica Hugo
I have downloaded the book on and read it too. It was real super charging stuff. I also left a review. Pls do follow the link and grab your copy noooowwwww!
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      I am glad you found this interesting. You should definitely visit her blog. Thanks for stopping by mine and commenting too. I appreciate.

  1. “Little did she know that she’s given me the permission to satisfy my curiosity”. This got me cracking up. lol I’m totally humbled and I enjoyed the whole process. Thanks for the opportunity to know you more and share my opinions and thoughts too. Xoxo

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      Yes oo oo. Thanks dear. It has been my pleasure doing this with you.

  2. Awww, Jessica is so inspiring. Just found out about her book now. You go girl!
    I love what she said about being with your kids. Staying home with your kids is just priceless.

    1. Author

      Oh yes she is Amazing. About staying home with the kids it surely is priceless. Thanks for leaving me your thoughts mami!

  3. Lovely interview as usual. Found it very easy to relate with. Congratulations on the book, Jessica. More grease to your elbows. Thanks for the nuggets too.. I like the one about recording your thoughts. I do this too and have found it very helpful in many scenarios.

    1. Author

      I know right….so relatable and working with her feels that way. Jessica’s book is real supercharging stuff. Since after the interview i have enjoyed recording my thoughts too. super fun and helpful

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