While you are expecting || #1

Over the years there are a few things i have learnt and i am sharing in this series of post to make someone out there have the best moments while it lasts. While this appears to be the most exciting time of your life, so much of uncertainty looms over every passing day. Especially for first time mums, it is like a feeling of euphoric expectancy sandwiched in sheets of discomfort and unease. Well, the only way forward, i would say is to keep it moving, there is no time to mark time.


Build that Relationship

The journey of a life time of mother and child relationship starts from the womb. Being in tune with your body makes a lot of pregnancy discomfort easy to deal with. Because you are not a surrogate mum, you are not just going to be providing a space for the baby to develop in. You will need to do more, it does not have to start when the baby is born. You are both going through a life changing transformation and the shared experience is worth tapping into. Say something positive everyday to your little one, you are not only shaping his future, you are also helping to develop his hearing abilities. When you start to feel those kicks, make sure to rub the belly and say something sweet (when you are not in the public…lol). Your baby is sure to love your voice even more than any other when he is born. You will be patient enough to deal with other things that will present in the early weeks after delivery.

You have nothing to loose by starting now. A strong relationship during pregnancy will help you beat that postpartum depression, when it tries to rear its ugly head.

A little flirting won’t hurt, trust me no one will judge you for this one even if you over do it. He may not talk back but its a special kind of communication, only the both understand the language. Nothing is so exciting like pouring your heart out to that bundle of joy growing inside you and then you feel him kick back in response. Apart from talking, you can also write short love notes or expressive memoirs of how you feel at a particular moment. I find that this help me let out bottled up emotions. It could be you complaining about your day, work, annoying partner…*you know they can be annoying sometimes*, etc. Make sure to keep these and one day you can retrieve it and together you can relieve those moments when she can understand. You know you will need all the extras for bonding as time goes by and for the stories you will share with them in the future.

After a stressful day, when you retire to bed, it can be a very good way to unwind and relax with hubby (or without-he maybe asleep already or out of town). You both can read that bedtime book aloud too and as you involve Le Boo, you are helping him bond too.

Realistically not everything can apply to you, but do little bits you can do counts for something. Find out more of what you can do or what works for you. I know there is more out there, yon can leave suggestions in the comment section. Pregnancy must be enjoyed not endured.

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