While you are expecting || #2

Satisfy your cravings

There is nothing wrong with a special cheat treat, if you are not one of those people with the weird kind of cravings. Don’t you agree with me that its okay to give your body what it wants once in a while? They say that resisting the urge to give into your cravings is a sign of self discipline. I think the real test is in being disciplined enough to set the limits when choosing to satisfying the craving. Before i go on. their is a medical belief that when you have cravings, the particular craving is related to something your body is deficient in. For example, craving ice cream means you are lacking calcium, meat for protein or zinc maybe…funny right, but some how it makes sense.

For me with this last pregnancy it was “Suya” ooo. Let me confess now…..I have this popular suya joint in my neighbourhood and occasionally, i will stop over on my way home, buy myself small suya and sometimes i finish eating it in the car before i get home (don’t judge me please). If you are lucky you may never experience pregnancy cravings.

I heard of a woman who will always have tea and bread as the last thing before sleeping at night, so this one day, they ran out of tea and she decided to manage and pass for that night. Well, that did not end nicely at all, because her husband had to drive out after midnight to get that tea….I thanks thats crazy. Some unsatisfied cravings can leave every other person around in hell …practically. Its even crazier when, by day break she is wanting something different.

A good advice will be to opt for healthier versions of your cravings if they are a cause for concern. Having a sweet tooth? make yourself a smoothie! This way you are cheating but still consciously keeping your calories in check. There is a danger of coming down with diabetes in pregnancy (pregnancy induced diabetes) and you are at risk of delivering a baby with macrosomia, in extreme cases. (I know you won’t…*smiles*).

Moderation is always key, protect your precious “vajayjay” mommies. Its the only one you have got. Did i just say that …oops! *COVERS FACE* you know what i am talking about sha…

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