While you are expecting || #3 Stock up on underwear

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Continuing the series on while you are expecting, here is something else to have at the back of your mind while you are rocking that pretty bumP


Here is what nobody really hammers on when it comes to pregnancy essentials (especially in the part of the world where i am from). While you are expecting, except you are the type that naturally changes underwear every 4 weeks, this is a practical advice from me to you. I kind of struggled with this in my last pregnancy, i guess i took it for granted, i felt like i could hack it, as per an oldie in the game. In my small mind No way! i failed ooo. How did i ever come up with that thought? Have you ever been caught in the act like this?

Here are some reasons why you can’t help it:

Your bra and pant size will go up approximately every 4 weeks so you should be prepared. It is sowing time for your little boss. She is planning for a super double harvest on arrival. There is no stopping her. So please make room to accommodate all the good stuff.

Another reason you will need all the extras is because, with the expected surge of hormones, your metabolism goes up and sweat levels will go up too. Staying dry and fresh helps you feel good about yourself in your new body. You feel good, you stay confident, you work that pregnancy and you slay all day. ….I find the slaying part hard sometimes with my elephant face though..lol

In addition, to protect the cervix(neck of womb), and safeguard the vaginal entry against harmful infections that can get to the baby, there is a natural increase in the cervical mucus which bathes the vagina. This keeps it moist and acidic and unfriendly to infectious agents.

Yea.. so thats pretty much all i can think of. What do you think mums and other health experts?

Pregnancy is a special moment and good maternity underwear provides support for mom and protection for baby. I actually think that the Nigerian market is yet to do more in terms of catering to maternity essentials. Getting a maternity jeans alone is like a thing of luck. Maternity bra is equal to grandma bra,..lmao. but why? I might be wrong oh! Are there any good stores you know? pls do recommend

Some tips

One good idea is to go for sanitary pants instead of regular pants when you can. It takes away the stress of laundry since you can simply dispose after each wear.

It is advisable to go for nursing bras towards your last trimester as that will eventually serve you after delivery as nursing bra

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