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While you are expecting #4 Invest in breast feeding essentials

Being pregnant! Nothing feels like it. While you are expecting, the discomfort and worries of yesterday is forgotten and then today becomes a gift. Tomorrow is to be hoped for as you anticipate patiently for the big day, till you are no longer as patience. Sadly, there is nothing you can do about it. When it is time, it will happen. It is only pregnancy that could make me understand the time in nine months. It is such a long time to prepare for a moment in your life that will last less than 24hrs. However, It is such a short time incomparable to the time of your life you will spend nurturing that gift it has brought into your life forever.

The life long journey takes different paths. Not everyone is interested in the story of how breastfeeding helps you bond with your baby. For some others, the circumstances around the birth will not allow them to breastfeed even if they wish to. And that is totally fine. Life must go on. If you intend to breastfeed, then planning starts during the pregnancy. You must have had the discussion with your doctor, husband or friend (sometimes your mum). You will also find yourself researching articles like this one online. Most certainly when you decide to breastfeed it is because above everything else it is best for your baby.

Guess what! there is some benefits in it for you too like weight loss. You should check my before and after post. While you are expecting, invest in some breastfeeding essentials. I tried to arrange these in order of importance.

 breast feeding essentialsYOU WILL DEFINITELY NEED:

Nursing bras

These bras are designed to provide support and also make it easy to access the breast without having to expose everything. In the post wear i talked about stocking up on underwear i gave a tip on buying nursing bras. Yon can have bras for night time – these have less support/padding and more comfort and day time – having more support and comfort. The night time bras are basically for you to stick the nursing pad on them

Nursing pads

This is the most significant next to the bra. Nursing pads are very important. You need to keep you upper area dry and nice and also smell avoid smelling of breast milk. I talked about my recent experience with nursing pads. You can read it  here. There are washable/re useable pads and disposable pads. For hygienic purposes you want to stick to what works for you.


 breast feeding essentialsNipple cream

Cracked nipples can occur as early day two. All i can say is these two words are a very bad combination and i don’t know if there is any mom that never experienced this. Make sure that any nipple cream you buy is natural and safe for you and baby. Lanolin free creams allow you to nurse without cleaning it off the nipple.

Breast pump

While you are expecting, you might want to save up to get a good breast pump. The misconception is that working moms are the ones who need a breast pump. The truth indeed is that  every mum needs a breast pump, at least some kind of breast pump. Sometimes you won’t be able to nurse the baby, trust me. The nights when your baby will decide to sleep through till it’s morning and you wake up with breasts as big and hard as rock. The first time this happened to me i cried man!! no jokes. I learnt to never let the milk stay in that long. Then of course you will need it if you plan to get back to work pretty soon after delivery. There is a hand pump that is portable so you can express milk in the car on a flight or basically anywhere without need for electricity. The other one is the electric pump which is very essential if you pump often.

Milk storage bags (or bottles too)

What is a breast pump without breast milk storage bags? See! its so convenient storing breast milk in bags for your baby in the freezer (3-5days) or fridge (48-72hrs). I was particularly intrigued to see how much milk i produced in a day. Farm fresh things!! ..LOL   You don’t have to be home to know if baby gets enough feed or not for the day. While you are away from your baby all you need to do is give the instruction. These bags come with markings and allows you label the date, time and volume of milk expressed. Sometimes your baby is already full but you wish you could nurse longer to take the weight of the extra milk off your chest. With your bags you just pump it out and store in the freezer. Most breast pumps come with bottles for starters.


Warmer Bags

This is essential to retain warmth after thawing the breast milk. Helps you to avoid warming several after removing stored milk from the fridge. If you have to travel with thawed milk this is essential to. Also for carrying expressed milk home from work.

Nursing cover

You will not have to worry about being shy to breastfeed in public places. This can sometimes be hard to find in one shopping day so the earlier you begin to look out for them the better. Let me also add that nursing mums will need more of button down wears and tank tops for easy nursing.

Breast feeding supplement

The helps to improve lactation. I never had to use this but i know a few people who did and if you want to be proactive you can get it. However, knowing where to find it is a good idea just incase you end up in a situation that means you have to get one. you save you self the worry of figuring out where to get it. Most commonly used is the Fenugreek

Nursing pillow

Helps raise your baby up close to your chest so that you are not bending forward too much while nursing. If you have a good chair that props you up nicely, it should suffice.

Planning and preparing ahead helps you to have an overall pleasant breast feeding experience especially in the early days after delivery. If you have any comments or questions leave them in the comments section below.

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