How you can take control of the myriad of thoughts that go through your mind daily


The mind is very strong part of our existence. They say that, the mind is like a garden and our thoughts are the seeds we plant in it. Apparently, we cannot control the thoughts that come to our mind. Thankfully, we can actually control what we choose to do with the thoughts. There are those thoughts that are welcome, the type you want to capture, analyze, build on and watch grow into something productive and possibly tangible. You practically watch it grow from a simple abstract idea to the point when it gains expression in the physical. On the other hand, there are of course those ones that are unnecessary, they are not worth giving a second thought. Immediately they come to your mind you want to trash them already.

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I know you have had to trash some thoughts immediately it crossed your mind today. What kind of thought have you had to trash? Or are you the type that find your self analyzing every single thought that crosses your mind? Any thought that makes me doubt my ability to accomplish a task (no matter how challenging) is the kind of thought that i trash outrightly.

Since i started blogging, i have had to be very efficient with registering thoughts that are of significance, just immediately as they come. This is important, seeing as i have to try to create content that people can relate to. I know i have talked about the importance of having a journal/note taking item handy in a previous post. I never thought about what i will have to do when all i have is my brain. Okay…..

So, I went grocery shopping yesterday and on my way home an idea related to a blog post i am working on crossed my mind and immediately i had to find a way to remember because there was no way for me to write. I remember being in that sort of situation before and i hoped that i would remember but i never did. I am certain it is not a blogger’s thing. This happens to most of us right? So this time I held unto it for a while (while thinking of how to not loose it) and then i figured that i could associate the thought with a friend of mine, so that when i have to remember, all i need do is think of her. By the way, I will have to tell her when i see her just because i know she might be reading this post.

Now just thinking about it later, i am more amazed at how powerful a tool the mind is. You have to make it work for you on your directives otherwise, it gives you what to do instead. I started surfing the net and i found this site that gave Seven Tricks To Stop Forgetfulness. I even found the trick that came to my rescue in the list along side other interesting tricks. It’s called the linking technique. I never even knew any such title existed. Have you had such experience, how were you able to remember? what did you have to associate your thought/idea with to help you remember later?

How to control your thoughts

In the same light, I’d say that the good thoughts come in a flash and it often takes a few seconds to loose them if you do nothing about it. However those negative thoughts (ideas and memories too) are like the stubborn thorns. You know those thorns that stick to your clothes after walking through shrubs, that you have to beat yourself severally to get them all off your cloth or hair? yes! That is exactly how those negative thoughts behave.

You can Master your Mind by following these tricks. As a believer it is also common to struggle with sinful thoughts. Knowing that you have the mind of your creator will help you get through those moments. His spirit in you will always allow you to overcome evil with good. Keep beating yourself until you have cleared all of the bad thoughts. One thing that works for me is to immediately replace the bad thoughts with good ones by speaking or visualizing it.

I came across a quote by Martin Luther that says, “You cannot stop a bird from flying over your head, but you can stop it from building a nest in your hair”. This simply buttresses on the third sentence in my first paragraph. (You really don’t have to scroll back up if you don’t want to. I am basically saying the same thing). In the spirit of Lent we should practice more mindfulness so that we will benefit fully from the blessings.

What are you thinking? Leave them below in the comments section…. xoxo

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Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. – Phillipians 4:8

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  1. This was an interest read! Our mind can play tricks on us a lot of the times, for example make us doubt ourselves, so things like this are important to read up on!

    1. Author

      Hi Kemi, I appreciate that you found this interesting and relatable. It is the truth and we have to always stay in charge. Your blog name is very catchy by the way *smiles*

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